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I hope all is well and that you all are ready to turn quarter 4 of 2021 mentally,

physically, spiritually, and financially, up to the next level. As most of you know, this year has been very transitional for me and I'm sure that is the same for many of you. A lot of ups and downs, trials, tribulations, evolving and celebrating.

My loyal members, special shout out to you all! We have shared many stories and experiences. With some, I have even cried real tears and vice versa. I really want you all to know that I appreciate you all, the relationships and bonds that have grown, and the rapports that have been built. You all, literally, take me to the next level.

While BeBeautiful continuously evolves and problem solves, I want to thank you all tremendously for your patience and ability to adapt changes. I have to be honest, this post was wayyyy over due. I've been nervous about pressing that submit button for hundreds of women to read. Fear turned into procrastination. But thank you all for accepting me flaws and all! That and the amount of support I get from you guys does not go unnoticed and I hope you guys can see how diligently we are working to perform on a professional level and to provide premium services for you high class women.

Here is a token of my appreciation you can redeem when you book your next appointment!

Save an EXTRA $30 on your next Wig Construction

CODE | LoyalMe

Restrictions *Loyal Members ONLY*

I want to, especially, acknowledge Miss Myia who joined my team as our Booking Manager, A.K.A The Booking Boss, in October of 2020. Many may view this role as frivolous.

However, it takes a different type of woman to believe in someone else’s vision (mine), understand the assignment, execute, work a full time job in a managerial position, maintain a high level of professionalism, send texts back and fourth all day, repeating the same information lol, studying trends and providing analytics, providing immaculate customer service to my clients, working… I mean WORKING this system I created that is bringing us much success. My whole backbone when I need her. The list goes on, all while living through her own personal life and dreams.

Myia's contribution is solely for the benefit of you all as I saw her role as a positive addition to our customer service experience. I hope you all find her as valuable as I do! ALWAYS feel free to provide feedback and please send Myia some love through our customer care line as you read this! I know she would really appreciate the love and support!

Extended Beauty’s HD Lace is now INCLUDED w/ Lace Closure Wig Construction + Installs.

We are done with the thick, detectable lace that doesn't match our skin tone! The key to wearing a wig is to make it look as natural as possible. HD lace is the most invisible of all laces. When applied to the scalp, it MELTS, which in turn, makes the hairline look more natural, less visible, and easier to maintain.

Oh... and let's not forget the tiny knots. To have a natural install is a standard and we will not fall short of that.


No need to worry about if your supplier provided you with real HD lace because we have you covered! Problem solved!

Wash Experience Treatment is now INCLUDED in every service.

It’s time to take our healthy hair journeys to the next level and focus on healthy scalps, protein treatments in addition to hydration treatments. Majority of you are very consistent with our Wash Experience treatments and that is the standard we are setting for the entire clientele. If you don't prioritize hair care and aren't dedicated to maximizing results, BeBeautiful may not be the best fit for you. Consistency is key!

You no longer have to guess which Wash Experience add-on is best for you. We will evaluate and choose the best option for your hair care needs at the start of your appointment. Problem Solved!

Wig Maintenance | Cleanse + Detangle is now INCLUDED w/ all Wig Installs

Our clientele is filled with professional women with many responsibilities who are, more often than not, wayyy too busy to properly cleanse and dry their wigs prior to their appointment.

Sometimes wigs are still wet and sometimes still weighed down lol. If not one of the two, then the hair on the closure is in a ball (makes styling more difficult) or the lace still has residue. They know who they are because we laugh about it together and here are some pictures we've taken as examples lol.

I will cleanse, detangle, and properly set your wigs at your appointment to ensure a flawless and flowing install. With the time you would use to cleanse your wigs, you can now allocate that time towards another priority on your to-do list. Problem Solved!

Please note that these additions to our premium services will reflect in pricing effective September 1st, 2021.

"Show me the incentive and I'll show you the outcome."

It’s not just us you're being loyal to... Be loyal to yourself! You will feel happier and more at peace... with yourself and the world...all because you chose to be loyal and care for yourself. This is what it means to "BeBeautiful".

How to become a member.

First and foremost, BE CONSISTENT. If you are on a regimen, you should have at least one appointment per month. You organically become an ICON the following year if you've only missed 1/12 months of services and VIP if you missed only 5/12 months of service. Otherwise, join our $50 monthly subscription to become a VIP member immediately and enjoy the perks.

NOTE: ICON status is an earned membership.

When you rebook your next appointment with me at the end of your service, you will receive a $5 credit. You also increase the likelihood of a guaranteed appointment for the next month and chances of organically becoming a Loyal Member.

We believe to achieve a truly rewarding, fulfilling, and beautiful life, one must gain balance between the mind, body, and soul. We call this A Total Beauty Thing. It is vital that we uphold this standard and understand that “it requires more than outward attractiveness.”

The Mission is to embody "Being Beautiful". What does this mean? To be deliberate, solve all challenges with love, make all things possible.

In 2021, our team continues to focus on providing you with an overall exceptional experience. We take pride in setting the appropriate intensions to uncover all of your expectations.

The Value is to live well from the inside out. What does this mean? The inside is as beautiful as the outside.

In 2021, we are placing more emphasis on healthy hair. We encourage you ladies to take care and love on your hair underneath the installs, so in return you feel most confident when you can not only wear flawless weaves, but are able to flaunt your natural hair as well. REMINDER: Hair extensions are only an enhancement and consistency is KEY!

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