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Brazilian BE WAVY Hair Care Do's and Don'ts

Its summertime and Brazilian BE WAVY has officially relaunched! Its time to start rocking your hot girl outfits and flawless, luscious waves!

But first, I want to prepare you for your hair care routine. Many women struggle with textured hair because they tend to treat it like straight hair. Textured hair is often drier than straight hair, which means it’s extra prone to the dreaded ‘F’ word: frizz. Especially when adding in the effects of heat styling and color. While this type of hair texture does require a higher level of care, it is possible to keep your waves bouncy and enviable when keeping one word in mind: MOISTURE!

To help make the most of your beautiful textured look, I want to share my most important dos and don’ts.

Shampoo and Conditioning

DO co-wash your hair extensions prior to installing with Lotta Body Cleanse Me Co- wash to add moisture to your extensions and transform hair from its steamed- processed state to its natural state. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

DO shampoo only once a week using TRESemme' Moisture Rich to keep texture refreshed. Be sure to wash hair in a downward motion. Follow up with the Moisture Rich conditioner, working it in the same downward motion.

For deep conditioning, coat hair with TRESemme' Moisture Rich conditioner for 30 minutes when you need to step up your moisture game just a bit. The longer you deep condition your extensions, the softer and luxurious it becomes.

DON’T over-wash hair. Shampooing your extensions every time it gets wet will cause you to dry out your textured hair.

DO use Lotta Body Cleanse Me Co-wash in between shampoos to bring hair back to life and infuse extra moisture.





DO use a wide-tooth comb or a 9 row Silone styling brush to detangle hair before shampooing and before you rinse out conditioner. Detangle in sections starting at tips and work your way up to the roots.

It’s best to comb through and work out any tangles in the shower, since brushing dry curls can create a frizzy mess! Combing with the conditioner in helps easily remove tangles and ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair.

DON'T rush when detangling, especially the roots and nape area. This will cause tension and unnecessary shedding.




Daily Moisturizing & Stying

DO spritz your hair daily with water to help with product absorption

DO use a water based silicone serum before you head out the door. No need to let the weather determine your style!

DON'T use sulfates or silicones that aren’t water based.

Sulfates can dry hair out, so using them can negate all the hard work you’re doing trying to keep your hair moisturized, while silicones can cause build up and weigh down your hair. If you need to use them, make sure the silicones in your product are water soluble.

DO allow hair to air dry (highly recommended) or use a diffuser. A soft, slow drying process is key for a bouncy, defined texture.

DON’T use towel vigorously.

Rubbing hair with a dry towel can add frizz and frenzy. Instead, cup the towel in your hand and give handfuls of hair a very gentle squeeze to remove excess water. Curls will start springing to life and should still be damp.

DON’T Touch your hair extension until they are completely dry.

DON’T brush or comb hair once it’s dry. Gently use your fingers to comb, lift, or separate or manipulate waves.





DO manage your hair prior to going to bed. Detangle and put 3-5 large twist in your hair then place it under a silk scarf or bonnet. This keeps hair from matting and tangling, and it works double duty for textured extensions—it helps them keep their shape longer!

DON’T sleep with wet or damped hair. It will cause hair to tangle and mat.


Things to note

* There are so many tutorials on YouTube showing you how to cut, bleach, and straighten curly virgin hair extensions yourself, that it is easy to get carried away. Although these videos look easy to follow and appear to be cost effective, always have a professional stylist cut, bleach, or curl your hair extensions. You do not want to end up with a “DIY gone horribly wrong” on your hands.

* These are do's and don'ts of wearing hair in its natural state. Stay tuned for do's and don'ts when achieving straight or curls with Brazilian Be Wavy.


As long as you follow these tips, you’re destined to have a long-lasting, enviable waves! Stay tuned for more detailed instructions and a video on How to Maintain Waves Without a Frizz!

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