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Love a flawless weave but struggle to maintain healthy hair underneath? Let alone, find a professional stylist who aides in doing so?

While specializing in healthy hair and extensions, BeBe provides her clients with quality, timely, plus productive and goal-oriented services. She advises and uses her "Trimmed + Treated" theory to set regimens based on the client's needs and desires that will improve and maintain the health of their hair.


Now you can not only love and slay your flawless weave, but your healthy hair too! 


step one

Please read the following terms and conditions as well as FAQ. It is essential that you start here for any questions that you may have and to understand booking with BeBe. This will help avoid any discrepancies and misunderstandings moving forward.


After you have read the Terms and Conditions as well as FAQ, click the book button and choose from the list of services that best fits your desires and needs.

Don’t forget to add on any necessary services.


Look out for your initial confirmation email + reminder email w/ necessary info and be sure to reread the guidelines section below so that you are prepared to SHOW UP!


Lastly, join our customer care chat by texting @BookBeBe to 81010. See you soon lady!


1|Service Overview

Services > Once you enter BeBe's booking page, select a category that is relevant to your desires and thoroughly read each service description. You will learn the process and what is included. If it is not listed, it is not provided and/or not included but maybe you can add it on. 

Add-ons > Be sure to thoroughly read through all add-on services and add any necessary services at the time of booking. If you fail to do so prior to appointment, you may not be able to add on at the time of your appointment. 


Wash Service Experience >

Cleanse + STEAM TREATMENT (Included)

Every install provided by BeBe includes a complimentary Cleanse + Steam Treatment with select Paul Mitchell hair care products.

You no longer have to guess which Wash Experience add-on is best for you. We will evaluate and choose the best option for your hair care needs at the start of your appointment.


These moisture-boosting hair care products give dry hair the hydration it needs. Whether your hair is dry as a result of genetics, heat damage, over-styling, or negligence, BeBe has hydrating solutions for every type of dry hair. Choose from the best moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, hydrating hair masks and more to quench dry, parched hair.

Learn more

Awapuhi Wild Ginger

HydraTriplex|Steam Treatment

learn more

tea tree

Moisturizing Mineral Mask 

Healthy Scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. I have salon-quality scalp care products to soothe a dry, itchy scalp.

learn more

tea tree

Tingle + Treat|Scalp Exfoliant 

Repair + strengthen

Is your hair prone to breakage, split ends or other damage? No matter what your hair type is, BeBe has the best restorative hair treatments to repair damaged hair. Choose from the best hair care products to repair and strengthen your hair.

KeraTriplex Intensive Repair| Steam Treatment 

Learn More

awapuhi wild ginger


The best way to control frizz is with our system of products that target frizz at the source. Start with a smoothing treatment which safely smooths frizzy, curly hair into beautiful, soft and silky hair.

smooth + Frizz Control


Chi enviro

Smoothing Treatment $55

2|Process overview


A valid credit card is required at the time of booking to guarantee your appointment. You will see a $1 charge on your card (uncaptured), which is used for validation purposes, but it’ll be released after 7 days. No further authorizations will be made on credit card, unless late arrival, late cancellation, no show, or lack of payment via Zelle or Apple Pay.



After choosing a service, you will see an option for “BeBe’s Availability”. By choosing this option, you will be booking an available appointment.


PLEASE NOTE bookings open every month on the 2nd Monday at 5pm for the following month.

Wig Construction & color >

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bundles)


You must schedule to B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bundles) into the salon the week prior to install. If your wig construction INCLUDES color services, you must schedule for a day two weeks prior to install.

Book a time slot to drop off your hair. Availability for the week will open up each Monday by 5pm.



Orders must be placed by 7pm CST Wednesday the week prior to appointment. If your wig unit construction includes color services, you must order by 7pm Wednesday two weeks prior to your appointment. Choose "Hair Appointment" at checkout.

Don't forget to submit your head measurements for custom wigs if you haven't previously!


Please pre-order desired lengths at using "Hair Appointment" at checkout to guarantee availability. Check here for order deadlines. 

Waitlist >

Don’t see the availability you’d prefer to schedule?  Request an appointment on BeBe’s “Wait List” calendar. If a client cancels their appointment or BeBe can squeeze you in, we will consult the "Wait List" calendar to see you're available for the time that is now available.

DISREGARD any waitlist reminders. Appointment is not confirmed unless confirmation or reminder notification states "BeBe's Availability".

3| Guidelines | No exceptions


BeBe is currently located at Sola Salon Studios in Beverly, Chicago. Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive a reminder email 48hr prior with physical address.

Upon arrival>

You must wait in your vehicle until BeBe notifies you via text message that you are able to come inside.

No extra guest >

To avoid distractions and to ensure a time friendly appointment, please refrain from bringing kids or other guest to your appointment. Only those who are being serviced at the time are allowed in salon.

Hair prep >

Natural hair must be detangled prior to appointment. Any used extensions must be properly cleaned, completely dry, and free of thread. Bundles must be detangled, neatly separated by inch, and not cut into more than 3 pieces.

Late fee >

You will have a 15 min grace period for your arrival and then a $15 Late Fee will apply. After 20 minutes, your appointment will be canceled. Whether your appointment has been cancelled by BeBe due to lateness or requested by you less than 24 hours prior, you are subject to being charged 50% of your full service; 100% for "no show". Please arrive to your appointments on time as BeBe likes to be prompt for her next client. 

Payment >

At this time, there will be no cash payments. Full payments are to be made to Breanna "BeBe" Curtis via Zelle (, Apple Pay, or BeBe will charge the card on file with an additional 5% transaction fee.


  • Can BeBe color my extensions while installed?
    All color services for extensions are provided prior to appointment. Please sure to make sure you have scheduled to drop off hair at the appropriate time.
  • Can I add on end trim or deep condition at my appointment?
    BeBe asks that you add on any necceary services as you are booking your appointment. This will allocate enough time to complete such services. More than likely, you will not be able to add on during your appointment.
  • What time does BeBe take her last client?
    Here are BeBe's Hours: Thursday 10am - 8:30pm Friday 10am - 8:30pm Saturday 9am - 5:30pm The times above are start to finsh. The time the she takes her last client depends on the service and its duration.
  • Does BeBe provide maintenance on outside installs or wig?
    BeBe does not provide maintenance on outside installs or wigs including removal.
  • What is BeBe's Trimmed + Treated theory?
    BeBe advises her clients to come into salon consistently to get their ends trimmed and scalp/hair treated. Typically, clients are set to come into to salon every 2-4 weeks to maintan their natural hair and reinstall their flawless wigs. An end trim is recommend every 8 weeks. Deep conditioning/Steam treatments are recommended after each install. Maintaining healthy ends will help with retaining length. It will reduce breakage, which is often the true culprit of hair growth stagnancy. Deep conditioning is crucial to preventing damage, promotoes elasticity, restores shine, and adds moisture. 80% of BeBe's clients have opted in for a set regimen. The Trimmed + Treated regimen has proven to improve the state of their hair whether it was the length, density, or both!
  • What is a Cleanse + Detangle?
    Cleanse + Detangle is another term for Shampoo and Conditioner (comb through).
  • Does my closure or frontal have to be purchased from Extended Beauty?
    BeBe prefers to exclusively use Extended Beauty Luxury Extensions for ALL EXTENSION SERVICES. But, no worries! She doesn't mind using bundles from other companies as long as they are QUALITY extensions. You are not required to purchase Lace Closures from ExtendedBeauty. HOWEVER, they must be HD Lace and you are required to purchase Lace Frontals from ExtendedBeauty. Shop ExtendedBeauty HD Lace Closures and Lace Frontals. Thin, Transparent lace, and can help create an excellent and natural harline!

5| Communication

Customer care>

All clients must join our Customer Care Mobile Chat by texting “@BookBeBe” to 81010. You’ll have the ability to send your booking inquiries here, as well as receive real time text alerts, including but not limited to cancellation announcements, booking updates + specials, and product alerts. Enrollment required immediately following booking.


If you have a series of questions or not sure what install/service works best for your needs and desires, book a 15 min consultation. BeBe will contact you directly at the scheduled time to answer all of your questions.

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