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Welcome to our team

the Mission > Positive intentionality 

Be deliberate, solve all challenges with love, make all things possible.

Our mission is to embody “being beautiful”. Being “Deliberate” or intentional with a client creates an efficient, needs oriented and positive experience that reduces frustration amongst all parties. By eliminating room for failure and reason for complaints, we are driven to create an amazing relationship with our clients. 

the Value > Live well from the inside out

"The inside is as beautiful as the outside."

We encourage our consumers, and team members to live well from the inside out. We believe that when we live well from the inside out we are left with an understanding  and appreciation of ourselves which creates high emotional intelligence (confidence) and positive attitudes. 

the Vision> balance

"It’s A Total Beauty Thing."

We believe to achieve a truly rewarding, fulfilling, and beautiful life, one must gain balance between the mind, body, and soul. We call this A Total Beauty Thing. It is vital that team members uphold this standard by implementing the 3 core values and understand that “it requires more than outward attractiveness.”


As all team must members embody  “A Total Beauty Thing”, we hope to affect societal change, create purposeful lives, and empower other beings to fulfill their ultimate potential. Ultimately creating - A Total Beauty Thing.

Are you an aspiring hairstylist looking to gain experience, confidence, and all the tools necessary to level up in this industry so, you too, can live a truly beautiful life???


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