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1 | How to become a member?


To become an ICON Member, you must maintain at least one appointment 11 out of 12 months.


To become a VIP Member, you must maintain at least one appointment 7 out of 12 months or join our $50 monthly subscription to become a VIP member and enjoy the perks.

2 | Benefits + Perks

First to Know

Loyal Members will be the first to know of any new products, services or updates before they officially hit the market.


Early Booking Access

1. Reoccurring 

When you have a reoccurring appointment, you choose the day, time frame of day, and frequency in which you desire to consistently return for services. You can choose a monthly, or weekly appointment. This is a one time set-up and you'll never have to worry about an appointment again, just confirm monthly during Priority Booking. Please note that start time may vary.



2. Priority Booking 

Priority books open every 1st Monday at 5pm. Loyal Members have access to BeBe's booking calendar for a 48hr window to book an appointment at their desired time before available to anyone else.


Discount Services and Products

All Loyal Members will receive discounted services and products. The discounts are automatically applied. This does exclude Extended Beauty Luxury Extensions at this time. However, we may have some coupons available during exclusive events.


Birthday Treat

Book an appointment during your bIrthday month and ICONS will receive an additional 20% off and VIP will receive an additional 10% off. All paid subscribers must have made 3 payments for this discount to apply.

Exclusive Services + packages + Subscriptions

All members will have access to VIP Exclusive services such as Quick weaves, Half up Half Down, Wig Styling, etc. ICON members, also, will have access to Exclusive packages.

Exclusive Events

We will host exclusive events where members can take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions. These events include, but are not limited to, in person, virtual, and online promotional events.

Emergency Appointment

ICON members receive a $50 credit that can be used towards 1 emergency appointment per year, excluding Saturdays.

Earn Referral Points

Each loyal member will receives their own personal promo code to share with referrals. Once those referrals come in for services, you will earn 5 or 10 points (per referral) that you can let build up to use towards services. 1 point is equivalent $1. 


3 | Restrictions + Changes + Termination 

Paused Benefits

Members booking on Priority Books are asked to make any modifications or cancellations prior to receiving official appointment confirmation. Amending or canceling appointments that were scheduled and confirmed during Priority Booking may result in paused access to Priority Booking and Discounted Services, pending a Rebooking Fee.


Terms + Conditions

We may alter, limit, or modify the Program rules, regulations, rewards, eligibility for Membership, or any other feature of the Program or terminate the Program any time at our sole discretion, by posting any such changes on the "A Total Beauty Thing“ website and sending a notice via our Customer Care Line or email. 

It is your responsibility to review these terms and all correspondence from time to time to keep inform of any changes. Your continued participation in the program following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the changes.


Membership Termination

We reserve the right to exclude individuals from the Program. In particular, failure to follow any terms of the Program, Membership inactivity for 5 or more months will affect eligibility for further participation in the Program. 


4 | Salon Location 


Sola Salon

BeBe is located at 2320 west 95th street Beverly, Chicago; Sola Salon Studios. Studio #2


5 | Appointment Etiquette

On-Time Arrival

Please arrive on time. You will have a 15-min grace period for your arrival and then a $15 Late Fee will apply. After 20 minutes, your appointment will be canceled.

Wait for entry

Please wait in your vehicle until you are notified via Customer Care Line with code to enter the building, as we’d like to have pervious client checked out and area cleaned prior to your entry. Mask not required.

Extra Guests

Only those who are being serviced are allowed in salon.

Personal Items

Please minimize your personal items, such as bags and purses, as we have limited space. Food not permitted. Light drink or snacks are welcomed. This ensures a clean and comfy environment for us all.

Natural hair must be free from style and detangled prior to appointment.


Please be courtesy and bring headphone in the case that you need to take a call. Speaker or FaceTime not permitted.

Photo Following Your Service 

To maximize your experience, come photo ready. When you look good, you feel good!


6 | Booking Policy


48hr Cancellation 

All cancellations MUST be submitted via confirmation email. If less than 48hrs until your appointment, request to cancel via the Customer Care line.

50% of service fee. ($75 max) 


Yay, no deposit! 

Reserving an appointment during Priority Booking is an Exclusive luxury. We ask that you book with intentions of keeping your appointment. If you are uncertain, please refrain from booking during this time. 

Remaining balances are to be paid at the conclusion of your appointment.  ZELLE:, APPLE PAY, or CASH.

Priority Booking Confirmation

Reoccurring appointments and its details must be confirmed monthly by texting the Customer Care Line during the Priority Booking window. No confirmation. No appointment.


7 | Reminders


Add ons 

If services weren’t added on, we will not be able to provide due to lack of time allocation. 


Disregard any waitlist reminders. Appointment is not confirmed until our Booking Boss, Myia, has followed up and your confirmation or reminder notification states "BeBe's Availability" rather than “waitlist".


Wig Construction

1. HD Lace

To insure high quality, we DO NOT accept lace from any outside source. 

2. B.Y.O.B

Book a drop off the week prior to install. If construction INCLUDES color add-on, two weeks prior to install.

Hair Drop offs MUST be removed from original packaging and placed into a ziplock bag with first and last name. 

3. Shop ExtendedBeauty

Place order by 12pm Sunday the week prior to install. If construction includes color add-on, order by 12pm Sun. two weeks prior. Choose "Hair Appointment" at checkout.

4. Head measurements 

Head measurements must be submitted online, if you haven't previously, for Custom Wig Construction.



8 | Communication

All members must be enrolled our Customer Care Line. This line is solely used to improve your support experience as our customer. You’ll have the ability to send your booking inquiries, as well as receive real time text alerts, including but not limited to:


  • Cancellation + availability alerts

  • New product stock alerts

  • Booking updates + reminders

  • Promotions

Client is responsible for reviewing all correspondence sent via the Customer Care Line as some notices and alerts may require action and are time sensitive. It is our highest recommendation to check inbox regularly so that you never miss an update.

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