It's not us you're being loyal to... It's you! Don't you feel happier and more at peace... with yourself and the world when you choose to self-care? This is what it means to "BeBeautiful".

How did you become a member?

You were consistent. If you follow BeBe's Trimmed + Treated regimen, you should be coming in at least once a month. Continue on your journey so that you can be apart of this year's natural hair transformations.


ICON status means you have come in for services at least once 10 out of 12 months within the past year or two. To remain eligible, you must maintain at least one appointment 11 out of 12 months.


If you are a VIP Member, you have scheduled at least 5 out of 12 months within the past year or two. In order to remain eligible, you must maintain least one appointment 7 out of 12 months or join our $50 monthly subscription to become a VIP member and enjoy the perks.


Reoccurring vs. Priority

When you have a reoccurring appointment, you choose the day, time, and frequency in which you desire to consistently return for services. You can choose a monthly, or weekly appointment. This is a one time set-up and you'll never have to worry about an appointment again, just cancel when necessary. Priority booking means you'll have access to BeBe's booking calendar to book an appointment at your desired time before books open and before anyone can rebook for that month.

Discount Services and Products

All Loyal Members will receive discounts on services and products. The discount will apply automatically at checkout. This does exclude Extended Beauty Luxury Extensions. However, we have some coupons available during exclusive events.

Personal Promo Code

Each loyal member will receive their own personal promo code to share with referrals. Once those referrals come in for services, you will earn 5 or 10 points (per referral) that you can let build up to use towards services. 1 point is equivalent $1. Your promo code is your first name.


Exclusive Events

We will host exclusive events where members can take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions. These events include, but are not limited to, in person, virtual, and online promotional events.


First Dibs on Products

Icon members will receive product testers at no cost prior to launching. VIP members will be able to pre-order new products before they officially hit the market.


Exclusive packages + Subscriptions

Icon members will have access to personalized Wig Construction + Install and Trimmed + Treated packages.


Emergency Appointment Perks

Icon members will have the ability to set emergency appointments after hours on Saturdays and utilize a $50 credit towards 1 emergency appointment per year, excluding Saturdays. VIPs may set emergency appointments as normal, excluding Saturdays.

Thank you soooo much for your continual support. I value our relationship and appreciate your business thus far. I am so lucky to have you as client and even more grateful for the pleasure of serving you. Thank you for trusting me as I hope to continue meeting your exceptions! - BeBe Curtis